Environmental Policy

Tiffin at The Beach Environmental Policy

We always deliver our daytime fare on The Beach in a picnic style to allow our guests the freedom to roam, embracing the nostalgic ‘fun’ of a picnic by the sea, regardless of where you choose to sit.

We have good news about your concerns for the environment.

Tiffin, in Clevedon alone, invests over £12,000 a year in recycling its waste through commercial contractors who are tasked to sort and recycle as much of our waste as possible.  We take this issue very seriously.

Every item supplied to you, right down to the wooden knife and fork, the fake-but-fun foodsafe newspaper (real newspaper is banned by the EHO), has been produced from sustainable sources and recycled materials. Just as importantly it goes back into the chain to make more recycled goods.  Plastic cups, fake wood, cardboard cups, fake newspaper, napkins, sauce pots, the absolute lot is sorted for recycling of some kind.

We could easily opt for cheaper products that can’t be recycled, but we prefer an ethical and sympathetic option despite the added costs. And also, by using recyclable and compostable serving ware, we avoid pumping thousands more gallons of detergent into our water systems.

So we hope this makes you feel good about how hard we work, not just at the Beach, but at all our venues, to embrace the importance of preserving the planet we inhabit. We believe it’s worth the extra cost.

At each Tiffin we will continue to do our utmost to source and dispose responsibly. Thank you for your support